'a Medical Marijuana Story'

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‘Medical Marijuana’ Story


“I Have Cancer: a Medical Marijuana Story” is about a lady who gets Breast Cancer and as the chemo medicine destroys her physically, her best friend convinces her to try marijuana to help combat her pain.  

As reality sets in and the cancer deathbed looms in her future, Lisa meets a nice man and finds happiness, and the marijuana is helping her illness, but can it keep her stay alive?

This heart-gripping project is very inspiring, yet there’s also a lot of humor in the story.

This Movie is extremely positive for the 'Medical Marijuana' and 
'Cancer Awareness Movement.'

 "Finally, a Marijuana Themed movie that has great meaning."
- Art Anthony, Emmy Award Winner 

"I Have Cancer: a Medical Marijuana Story"

Seeking Ex. Producers and/or Investors for this feature film. 
Be a part of the Medical Marijuana Entertainment
Interested parties contact us below. 


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