"Guns, Knives, Mace"
Self-Defense for All
Guns, Knives, Mace

As crime and attacks escalate throughout the country, 
“Guns, Knives, Mace”
shows from basic to 
advanced knowledge on guns, from pistols to shotguns, 
and how to protect yourself and your family!

The film also covers Mace, Stun Guns, Knives, 
Karate Self-Defense, to getting your Concealed Weapons Permit! 

When Seconds Count, the Police are usually Minutes Away.
It is up to You to Protect Yourself and Your Family!

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Film's Runtime is 88-minutes.
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“This Film will help Save Women’s Lives!”
James Christopher – Emmy Award Winner

“An Awesome Project.  Bravo!"
Robert Rainbow – Artist

"I just bought a new pistol, and this film helped me a lot!  Thanks!
Barbara Riley - Office Manager

“As crazy as this world has become, I am getting a copy for all my lady friends!”
Ben Daka - Producer

"You have the RIGHT to self-defense and to defend yourself.  EDUCATION and TRAINING are vital to safe operation, and this film provides that valuable education."
LtCol Art Nalls, USMC(ret)

Derek Savage Productions

Producer and Host Derek Savage is also the creator of Cool Cat.

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Guns, Knives, Mace
Self-Defense for All
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