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Cool Cat Loves You !!!

--- "Cool Cat Saves the Kids" Movie ---     

"Cool Cat Saves the Kids" Movie Cover The First "Anti-Bullying & Kid's Gun Safety" Movie

Cool Cat is the Coolest Cat in the World!
And Butch the Bully hates him because of it.
So Butch always tries the punk Cool Cat and Maria,
but Cool Cat is smarter and Cool Cat Saves the Kids!

--Includes FOUR Original Cool Cat Songs--

Only $9.99

The film addresses several issues that affect our children on a daily basis:

- Bullying and Cyberbullying
- Kidís Gun Safety
- Anti-Graffiti
- Kidís Exercise

Cool Cat Stops Bullying book The Cool Cat Store on Ebay!

is based on the

Inside page of 'Cool Cat Stops Bullying' Bilingual Book

Inside Page of Bilingual Book
"Cool Cat Stops Bullying"

--- Cool Cat's New Book ---

--- Cool Cat YouTube Videos ---

Cool Cat Saves the Kids trailer Vivica A. Fox Chief LaChasse of Burbank Police Eric Roberts
"Cool Cat Saves the Kids"
Vivica A. Fox
Chief LaChasse of 
Burbank Police Dept.

www.YouTube.com/Chief LaChasse
Eric Roberts

--- Cool Cat Books, Clothes & More ---
Cool Cat Books are Bilingual in English and Spanish !!!

Cool Cat Books, DVDs and More!

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   Cool Cat Press Kit Cool Cat Poster 8.5x11 size - FREE

Download the Free PR Kit and 8.5x11 Poster

Cool Cat in the Hollywood Christmas Parade
Cool Cat in the "Hollywood Christmas Parade"

Derek Savage with the Police
Derek Savage
with the Police

Cool Cat Reading Program

The Cool Cat
Reading Program
a Free Service for 
Schools and Hospitals

Cool Cat Music Videos
Are You Ready to Dance?

Watch the COOL CAT BOOGIE Music Video

Cool Cat Loves to Rock-n-Roll
Music Track by Grammy Award winner Magic Kramer

-All Songs are Written and Produced by Derek Savage-

Derek Savage on FOX News
Watch Derek Savage
on FOX News

Kids love Cool Cat and Cool Cat loves kids!  His stories are interactive 
to bring parents and children together in laughter, learning and love.

--- Rave Reviews for Cool Cat ---

The Cool Cat books are Adorable and have so much Potential!
Bill Melendez, 9-time Emmy Award Winner, producer of Charlie Brown & voice of Snoopy

Cool Cat is the Coolest Children's Books Ever!
Linda Hopkins, Tony Award Winner & 2-time Grammy Nominee

The Cool Cat Books are Cool!
Dean Koontz, NY Times Best Selling Author

Cool Cat is a Clever Series!
Rupert Murdoch, CEO of FOX and 20th Century FOX Studios

I Love Cool Cat!
Bo Derek, Legendary Actress, The Perfect '10'

Cool Cat is Fun!
Adam West, the Real Batman

Cool Cat's English and Spanish text makes it easy for kids to learn the basics of Both Languages.
Jonathon Lewis, President of Parents and Kids First

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