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Cool Cattm
Cool Cat Loves You !!!

--- "Cool Cat Saves the Kids" Movie ---

Cool Cat Movie is a 
"DOVE Award" winner, very Family-Friendly and Entertaining for All Ages!

Cool Cat is the Coolest Cat in the World!
And Butch the Bully hates him because of it.  So Butch always tries to bully Cool Cat and Maria, but Cool Cat is smarter and Cool Cat Saves the Kids!

*** Starring ***
Vivica A. Fox, Erik Estrada
Derek Savage & Cool Cat

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Cool Cat Movie tackles Bullying and Cyberbullying,  
Kidís Gun Safety, 
Anti-Graffiti Kidís Exercise

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Cool Cat Saves the Kids trailer 
Watch the Cool Cat Movie Trailer:

--- Cool Cat Books & eBooks ---

Books & eBooks
Are Coming Soon!!

All Cool Cat Books are Bilingual 

- in English and Spanish -

Cool Cat
the Soldiers

A Cool Cat
le gusta 
los Soldiers

Cool Cat

A Cool Cat
le gusta 
Lucha Libre

Cool Cat
the Beach

A Cool Cat
le gusta 
the Playa

Cool Cat

A Cool Cat
le gusta 

Cool Cat

A Cool Cat
Detiene la 

Cool Cat is Cooler than Barney the Dinosaur!
  Ben Daka,  Music Producer
Cool Cat is the Coolest Children's film ever! 
Linda Hopkins, Tony Award Winner
The Cool Cat movie is the coolest, and itís terrific for kids!
  Art Anthony, Emmy Award Winner 

Cool Cat is Fun!  Adam West, the Real Batman
I Love Cool Cat!
Bo Derek, Legendary Actress, The Perfect '10' 
Cool Cat is a Clever Series!
Rupert Merdoch, CEO of FOX 
Cool Cat has so much Potential! 
Bill Melendez, 9-time Emmy Winner, producer of Charlie Brown
Cool Cat's Bilingual text makes learning fun for kids.  Jonathon Lewis, CEO Parents and Kids First

--- Cool Cat Posters ---

Cool Cat Poster 8.5x11 size - FREE
Cool Cat Greeting
& Birthday Cards Coming Soon!

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Cool Cat Poster?
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<<<< Play Cool Cat's Fun MatchGame Here >>>>
See the  Trolly the Trout  Cartoon !!!
Tony Award Winner Linda Hopkins, sings the Trolly song!

--- Cool Cat 'Kid's Gun Safety' PSAs ---
Starring Vivica A. Fox, Eric Roberts, Chief LaChasse of Burbank PD, Derek Savage and Cool Cat


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