-- 3rd Annual 420 AWARDS - Las Vegas 04/20/21 --

420 AWARDS is the ‘420 Themed Awards Show’ 
Where 420 Fans Vote for their favorite Movies and Music!
'a Non-Political Awards Show, focused on Entertainment'

3rd Annual 420 AWARDS

The 3rd Annual 420 AWARDS in Las Vegas on 04-20-2021, 
is delivering some of Vegas’ Best talent.  And we're Casting More!

- Get Ready to be Entertained -

"420 AWARDS the Coolest Awards Show ever!"
Art Anthony, Emmy Awards Winner


- Not just Movie Awards - Not Just Music Awards - 
“420 AWARDS” combines both worlds, so there's something for everyone!

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--- 2nd Annual 420 AWARDS - 04-20-2020 Event - Watch Full Show Here ---

--- 1st Annual 420 AWARDS - 04-20-2019 Event - Watch Full Show Here ---

'a Non-Political Awards Show, focused on Entertainment'


420 AWARDS Catergories

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--- 3rd Annual 420 AWARDS is Coming ---
--- Worldwide Streaming Event on 04-20-2021 ---
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Paul De Lisle of Smashmouth
with their 420 AWARDS Trophy

420 AWARDS - 2021 Event

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2021 Event Streaming Worldwide!

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   420 AWARDS - 2020 Event
"Nominee List"

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420 AWARDS Souvenirs
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420 AWARDS Shirt - 2019 Event

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A Shirt from the 1st 2019 Event

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Derek Savage Productions

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Other 'Marijuana Themed' projects by Derek Savage
for this Multi-Billion Dollar Industry

'a Medical Marijuana Story'

-- First Serious Themed ‘Medical Marijuana’ Movie --

In “I Have Cancer: a Medical Marijuana Story”, Lisa gets Breast Cancer and as the chemo medicine destroys her physically, her best friend convinces her to try marijuana to help combat her pain.  


This heart-gripping project is very inspiring, yet there’s also a lot of humor. Starring Two Female Leads.

This Movie is extremely positive for the 'Medical Marijuana' and 
'Cancer Awareness Movement.'

Interested in Investing in the Entertainment side of the booming Marijuana business?
420 Productions is seeking Ex. Producers, Investors and Sponsors for our 420 Themed projects.
Interested parties Contact us at - Official420Awards@yahoo.com 

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