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3rd Annual
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3rd Annual 420 AWARDS Sponsorships

The 420 AWARDS is the '420 Themed Movie and Music Awards Show', aired annually on April 20th.  Unlike other Awards Shows, 420 AWARDS combines both Movie and Music Awards, along with a variety of entertaining acts, to have something for everyone.  

The 420 AWARDS Nominees and Winners are voted for via online poll. This brings people together worldwide.  And be sure to vote for your favorites on our website.

There are so many CBD and dispensaries, but they have one thing in common - if they don't get PR, they will fade away.  And we can help deliver you PR to the 420 audience.

A Beautiful thing about 420 AWARDS Sponsorships - this is NOT a One-Time promotion.  Three weeks after the Stream date of 04-20-2021, the 3rd Annual 420 AWARDS will be posted on our Youtube channels.  Our First Annual Event has over 90,000 views, so Sponsors will receive much ongoing promotion.

Let us help promote your product.  We're also happy to customize a special package for your needs.

Watch the past 420 AWARDS Shows on our website
Just think of the Oscars and Golden Globes, and how cool it'd be to be part of them from the beginning.
This is the 420 AWARDS.  If interested in 420 AWARDS investments, please contact us at:

420 Productions
Robert Bryant or Derek Savage

420 AWARDS - 2021 Event

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420 AWARDS - 2020 Event
"Nominee List"

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The 420 LIST - Is Your Favorite Star Winning

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