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420 AWARDS is very unique as it combines Movie and Music Awards, so there is something for everyone.


But 420 AWARDS isnít just Awards, our show has an outstanding line of talent.  Our 2019 Event was a live-event at the Eclipse Theaters with some of the best talent in Las Vegas.  And this year is the Streaming Event.


For the Sponsor, this is NOT a One-Time promotion.  Three weeks after the Stream date of 04-20-2020, the 2nd Annual 420 AWARDS will be posted on our Youtube channels.  Our First Annual Event has 85,000 views, so Sponsors will receive much ongoing promotion. 

We have great Sponsorship Packages, and the '1-Page PR Sheet' can be downloaded for print or to email.  



You get 20% Commission per sale.  Client can pay via Company Check or Paypal.  Your Commission is paid to you via Paypal once the Clientís payment has cleared my bank.



Here's the GREAT PART - The Market is so large, and you have Zero Competition!

Any Dispensary. Any CBD Company, and any person or business associated with the 420 World who wants to advertise to the 420 Fans need what we have.  Pot Magazines, a simple internet search or visit weedmaps.com will show 1000ís of Leads.


---There are so many CBD and dispensaries, and they ALL have one thing in common - if they don't get PR, they will fade like the others.  We can deliver that PR to them :)


Zero Competition!  There are no awards shows like us, and we have a large internet presence.  Use that as a selling pitch. - And I make deals!  What promotion does the customer want?


Good luck and let us know if thereís anything we can do to help you produce deals.

Watch the 04-20-19 Show on our website
Just think of the Oscars and Golden Globes, and how cool it'd be to be part of them from the beginning.
This is the 420 AWARDS.  If interested in 420 AWARDS investments, please contact us at:

420 Productions
Robert Bryant or Derek Savage



Paul De Lisle of Smashmouth
with their 420 AWARDS Trophy  

420 AWARDS - 2020 Event

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Promote Your Business to 420 FANS
2020 Event Live-Streamed Worldwide!

420 AWARDS - 2020 Event
"Nominee List"

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The 420 LIST - Is Your Favorite Star Winning

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